English Setter Rescue Trust




ESAART    (English Setter Rescue Trust)     is a charitable organization of 501(c)(3) status. Here, we perform rescues for English Setters located all over the country --- every type of situation, including strays and owner turn-ins.


Whether the current owner is re-locating, ill, or going through a divorce, we tailor our rescues to accommodate the specific situation. By simply calling or emailing, we will organize a plan to obtain the English Setter and place it in a safe, nurturing environment.


In addition to English Setter owners, we also provide placement assistance to shelters that house pure bred English Setters. We believe that every English Setter should have a safe place to call home. Count on us to be your trusted source for English Setter rescues.


Rescue Chairman and Trustee: Maryl Aldrich, hillhousees@yahoo.com

Trustee: Bari Jackson, bjackson38@gmail.com

Trustee: Jan Carlson featherscountry@hughes.net


     California:    Lois Gorman     mkeent@pacbell.net  916-933-4961

     N California:    Rachel Barnes  winchesteres@aol.com  415-637-1747

     S California:    Sandy Rust    blumis@roadrunner.com  760-880-4347

     Colorado:    Bob Attleson   rwattleson@aol.com  303-622-4488

     Oklahoma:    Diane Mier   dmierok@yahoo.com   405-330-1102


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     Service Area: Nationwide Associations: English Setter Association of America

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